A Little Fact About Nike Sneakers

In 1 second, Nike sells an average of 25 pairs of Nike sneakers. That equates for$1000 per second, 66. 000 a minute, and a Grand 700. 000. 000 per week!

Michael Jordan didn’ t want to meet with Nike. In fact, his parents made him do it. And look how well that went! Good on Betul, Jordans! Listen to your parents, Kids!

The swoosh logo initially cost Nike$35. In 1983, Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson designed Nike’ s Swoosh logo and selokan$35 for it, which equates to about$200 today. A few years later, the designer was celebrated for her work and was given a number of Nike stocks which at one poin were valued at around One Million Dollars.

The Nike logo has since changed a couple of times with the Solo Swoosh being one of the most iconic and powerful logos in the world.

Old Nike sneakers are recycled into“ Nike Grind” a material used in creating tracks and playgrounds for kids.

Nike Grind is a made up of recycled manufacturing scraps, post- consumer shoes from the Reuse- A- Shoe program, and unsellable footwear.

On January 25th, 1964, the now world’ s largest sneakers and athletic wear brand launched. Nike’ s founders are University of Oregon’ s Track Athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman. The company initially operated as a agen for Japanese shoe maker Onitsuka Tiger.