Klaten Youth Cold Hands Designing Soccer Shoes

Shoes / 6 May, 2020

Klaten Youth Cold Hands Designing Soccer Shoes

Klaten Youth Cold Hands Designing Soccer Shoes –  David Beckham to Pogba Green field becomes its own stage for the arts to process the round skin darting through each side to the corner of the field. The long whistle sounded a sign of the battle of the two soccer teams and also a sign of the end of the match, where one team looked up proudly and the other side had to bow down to defeat.

For football fans, who does not know David Beckham, a young child born in London, England, who is able to appear as an athlete and even his fame can beat Hollywood artists.

Likewise with Paul Pogba. The missing child who had moved to the big Italian club returned to Manchaster United occupying the same position from his senior, David Beckham.

His agility is able to provide many achievements for individuals and clubs he defended. However, the success of these world league soccer stars has a big part in the youth of Indonesia.

Rudi Swasto, maybe you could say the holder of the success roles of a number of world stars. The accuracy of the kick, the dribble of the ball, the speed of running, to the beat of a strong ball, depends on the type of shoes used.

Rudi, an international athlete shoe designer architect who gives strength on the gridiron to be more leverage, considering the shoe is the main weapon for the stars of the field.

Like the type of weapon chosen by the gladiators, soccer shoes have a maximum effect on the strength of talent and hard work that a player has.

No matter how strong the foot is, if it is not supported by the right type of shoes, it will not produce Beckham-style “banana kicks” or ball fights as fast as fighter jets like typical of Dani Alves, a big right-back full player in the Barcelona giant.

“I just dipped accidentally to be able to design shoes belonging to the mega stars of the football world, I happened to be contracted by one of the German shoe companies as the designer,” said the young man from Klaten, Central Java, as reported by Antara on Sunday (05/03/2020) .

The shoe giant is Adidas, who designs the best shoes according to the character of the player’s feet. Not only Beckham to Pogba, Rudi mentioned the results of his 3D design work for the player even like playing a soccer game.

Call it David Beckam, Paul Pogba, David Silva, Mesut Ozil, Van Persie, Dani Alves, to Zinedine Zidane, are some of the world stars where their feet on the field have a touch of Rudi’s work poured in shoes to maximize strength.

“Especially for Van Persie, he once ordered directly to his own needs through his technical team. “Van Persie wants the pool of shoes to be longer than the others, so that the grip on the ground is stronger and not easy to fall,” Rudi said while showing the sole of the shoe that Van Persie had used.