Tips for Choosing Running Shoes

Running Shoes / 21 September, 2019

Tips for Choosing Running Shoes

Tips for Choosing Running Shoes

Before choosing the best running shoes, QQIBS choose the most comfortable for your feet. The choice can be obtained from the selection of a suitable shoe size. Here are tips for choosing running shoes.

1. Using the technique of adding a thumb
Really don’t buy running shoes with your actual foot size. You can use the one thumb technique on the front end in the shoe. This can measure running shoes that are too small or too big. Running shoes that are large in size will make you run more optimally.

2. The size of each manufacturer is different
You already know that there are many brands of running shoes. Most of these brands do have special standards for shoe size. Not necessarily you can use Adidas or Nike running shoes of the same size. In addition, Specs running shoes which are domestic producers must have a special size.

3. Try shoes when sick
The size of human feet can change, you know. Usually, the human body will shrink in the morning, including your feet. So, don’t try new shoes in the morning. You might be too big. Try to buy running shoes on sick day because you are in actual size.

4. Look at shoes from above to know the benefits of shoes
Only by looking from above, you can know what strengths are needed by the running shoes you wear. If the sole of the shoe is wider than the top, the running shoe has a good weakness. Whereas, the soles of money shoes do not widen to indicate tough running shoes for running over long distances.

5. The most essential part of the right shoe
Always choose the right shoe if you want to choose the best running shoes. The sturdy part of the shoe will be stable. Preferably, there are no more cavities in this section that are not created when sliding while running.

6. Try with socks
Socks will make the foot size bigger. If you buy shoes with the right size of foot, it will make shoes too small. So, someone tried to use socks. Not want to compete trademark. However, there are those who buy socks in one brand with their shoes.

7. Choose soft upper shoes
This part is also important to protect your feet when running. Running shoes with a soft upper section will make feet more comfortable and shorter. You will be more comfortable walking in long distances.

Choice of shoe sole according to running ability
Picture: Soles are the main part of running shoes that can determine your running style (Photo: Fitnesshub)
Different runners, also different running shoes. You need shoes that can adjust your gait. The most important thing to consider is the soles of running shoes.

Thick Running Shoe Soles for Beginner Runners
For those of you who are just dabbling in the hobby of running, congratulations on choosing septu running with thick shoe soles. Indeed heavier weights, around 250-300 grams. However, in terms of foot safety, running shoes with thicker soles are safe.

Certainly, thick soles make the legs vibrate when running more balanced. So, jump and step your feet do not hurt running. Make sure, you keep jogging with these running shoes until you can adjust to the running track you usually choose.

Lightweight Insoles for Running Hobbies
Running has become a hobby and sport of your choice so far. Very good! Now you can choose shoes with thin soles and lightweight cushioning inside the shoes. Running shoes can indeed support your running speed. In addition, there are many variants of running shoes that do have features that support acceleration.

Almost all manufacturers of running shoes, have a large selection, running shoes for beginners and have advanced in advance. You can adjust these choices when buying favorite running shoes. However, one thing that must be replaced, the running shoes you wear must be comfortable on the feet. Here are the best running shoes recommendations

Nike Air Presto running shoes

Picture: The best running shoes from Nike that make you more comfortable running. (Source: Nike)
Nike always provides the best running shoes and Nike Air Presto is one of the recommended running shoes for men. Great design for lightweight shoes when running. These running shoes are also very comfortable to wear everyday and you will always be ready to wear. You can do a lot of walking and running more comfortably.