Why Shoes From Compass Are So Trending In Indonesia

Local Shoes, Shoes / 8 May, 2020

Why Shoes From Compass Are So Trending In Indonesia

A whole bunch of people dominated by young people in accordance with around the Grand Indonesia Mall from early morning on Friday, December 13, 2019. The scene was similar to the atmosphere of a vehicle-free day or CFD. It can they were lining up to buy Shoes. Not just any Footwear, the shoes they will buy are domestic-made sneakers called Compass.

Compass revealed the snicker collection of Compass for Bloodku Biru which was the result of the design of the Pot Meets Pop and the Compass 98 Old shoes designed by Old Blue Co. So what makes these Compass shoes hunted by young people? Here are the reviews:


The older the taro, the more old school the more it Will Turn out to be. The Compass model is a local shoe from Bandung. The shoes were born from the fingers of Gunawan Kahar in 1998. The material uses twiil material which is not as thick as canvas on the Popping up body making the shoes more flexible and claimed to be of normally quality.

Compass shoes never stuck in its Construction. This trend has also been experienced by many local products amid the onslaught of without end manufacturers entering Indonesia since the early 2000s.

Compass then makes use of social media to rebrand. Compass moncer new power after fronted by Aji Handoko. Aji became the imaginative director at this shoe company from Bandung.

In a timely fashion after Aji joined, Gazelle footwear were issued. The appearance of the Gazelle is even claimed to be able to align Compass popping up on a par with Motors. This shoe was reviewed by fashion influencers, one of whom was Tirta Mandira Hudhi alias dr.Tirta.

The climax, at the moment the 2018 Asian Games emerged the trend of the use of local products. Like a snowball, Compass’s popularity is increasingly turning into for shoe Fanatic. February 2019, Compass overrated a collaboration collection with an influencer, Bryant Notodihardjo.


This term was born on Twitter, because Compass is juxtaposed with Xiaomi company mobile phones that are often sold out after release. Well, these Compass sneakers produce a prime in the range of 3000 pairs of shoes per month.

Limitation of the amount of manufacturing is done so that the system is not rushed even though manufacturing in large quantities. Supported by popularity, local flavor, wrapped in limited quantities, makes Compass a rare item in stores or online opinions forums.

Not only the limited Collection, even the centered sequence is in Call for. At least, footwear that were originally introduced officially by Compass with a price of Rp 2 hundred thousand to Rp Three hundred thousand, can be expensive when sold again.


Compass is not just a shoe, but an identity icon. One of the many manufacturers that turn out to be icons of socioeconomic class identity or part of particular sneakerhead Teams. Traits make an object can change, from an object into a symbol.

In the classical theory of sociologist Marx Webber argues that the successful use of this symbolic item will raise the prestige and unity of the group. Apart from sociologist Georg Simmel, see if fashion is a space for people to enter into certain groups.

Starting from there, the popularity and the high price of these Compass popping up are a hallmark of fashion inclinations that provide a image of exclusivity for their Property owners. In the course of Compass shoe fashion, it was just usable to be Trendy.